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Concert is imminent!

Posted in In Harmony by Rivki Silver on 02/21/2011
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Hello, my badly neglected blog!

Well, there is only one week until the concert.  The big concert.  The BIG concert.

We have twenty songs to present to the world.  It’s going to be fantastic.  There are costume changes.  Staging.  Lighting.

It’s a real thing.

However, between the dishes, the laundry, the children, I’ve barely practiced, and tonight I felt the crunch.  Oh, did I feel it.  So I practiced a bit on the clarinet, as my dear, dear husband helped out with the baby.

I’m very excited for the concert, but also excited for the pressure of this very large engagement to be over.  It’s a lot of work!

That’s all.  Just wanted to put it out there, on my little blog which no one reads.  That’s kind of nice.  No pressure.  🙂

A match made in 5th grade

Posted in music by Rivki Silver on 08/13/2010
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My Bachelor’s Degree is in Music Performance, with clarinet as my primary instrument.  It was an extremely practical choice (sarcasm, lots and lots of sarcasm).  In my defense, it did make sense at the time.

Anyways, how I even came to play the clarinet is rather serendipitous.  It almost didn’t turn out that way…

In the region where I grew up, band programs generally started in 5th grade.   Students who were interested in learning an instrument were all shuffled down to the music room, where there were lots and lots of instruments to choose from.  I was really excited, because I wanted to be a percussionist.  I had already rented a snare drum and had spent much time hitting it with sticks.  It was fun, and it made a loud noise.  I was in love.

After locating the section for potential percussionists, I found that some adults were proctoring rhythm tests, exercises like tapping one rhythm on the left leg and another on the right.  Separating the wheat from the chaff, if you will.  I passed with flying colors.  Check and check.  However, it turned out that I wasn’t the only kid who thought hitting things and making loud noises was cool (shocking, I know).  I was informed that there were way too many kids interested in playing percussion, and that I should choose a different instrument.


So I thought that maybe I could play the flute.  It was pretty, and light (not like that snare drum I had been lugging around).  I found the area where they were testing aspiring flautists and discovered that I couldn’t make a sound come out of the darned thing.  Nothing.  Just some sad little air sounds.


The saxophone seemed promising.  It was also kind of loud, and there was a definite coolness factor.  However, I couldn’t find the area for saxophones.  I don’t know how easily I gave up (it was a long time ago, this whole adventure), but I do know that I moved on.

Last, but not least.

After so many dead ends, I finally found the clarinet.  A humble instrument.  Not all that exciting.  I thought I might as well try it.  It turns out that I could make some noise.  And that I was decent at it.  It was a match!

So that’s how I came to be a clarinet major.  I guess it’s a good lesson that we don’t always want what we’re meant to have, and that if you keep striking out at something, you should persevere.  Who knows where you’ll end up?

Any other stories of unlikely pairings?