Musical Marination

Current Projects

In Harmony – a group comprised of six very busy women from varied musical backgrounds.  Instrumentation includes drums, keyboard, guitar, clarinet/flute/saxophone, miscellaneous percussion and vocals in two- or three-part harmony.  We perform both original and cover songs.  Rachel and I are the co-musical directors, Hudy is the manager and the host of our rehearsals, Ruchi is the Assistant Manager and PR person, Isa is our Fashionista and PR person, and Marla handles the staging.  We perform at various functions in the Cleveland, OH area.

Piano Lessons – beginning and beginning/intermediate students taught on a weekly basis, with two recitals per season.  I strive to create an relaxed atmosphere where students will enjoy the process of learning piano.  My students are not on the competitive or professional track, rather I’m looking to provide them with an outlet  which will be useful in their future.  I’m constantly looking for new tools and resources to improve my teaching skills.  I’m compiling and arranging Jewish songs to create a lesson book specifically geared toward the Orthodox community.

The Taunter – the grandfather of one of my piano students has written many marches over the years.  They are currently written out for keyboard.  I am arranging one for concert band.

Compositions – mainly “pop”-style songs for In Harmony’s CD project which is currently in the works.  Additionally, clarinet lines for a local musician who is planning a concert for early October.  She provided me with a CD of the songs she will be performing and asked if I could come up with a clarinet part for them.

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