Musical Marination


Music is great.  It has an amazing ability to energize, to soothe, to uplift, to heal.  Everyone can benefit from music in some way, whether it’s passively or actively.

Classically trained, I branched out into jazz and pop in the past decade and enjoy it immensely.  My primary instruments are clarinet and piano, plus some dabbling in flute and saxophone.  I can also hold my own as an alto voice, and know a few chords on guitar.

Sidetracked by getting married and starting a family, I’m slowly reintegrating music into my life through teaching, composing, arranging, transcribing, collaborating, practicing, performing, and any other way I can.

This blog is partially an account of my re-emergence into the musical world, and part musings, tidbits and reviews about music in general.  Really, it’s just an excuse for me to write about music, which I love.  I hope that I can bring some of the more abstract aspects of classical music (and other genres) to a more understandable place.

Why the name?  In my experience, music is best when it’s savored, when you are able to immerse yourself in it until it soaks into you.  Like a marinade.  A yummy music marinade.

I would love to hear from other teachers, composers, performers and aficionados.  Welcome!

Feel free to contact me at

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