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Concert is imminent!

Posted in In Harmony by Rivki Silver on 02/21/2011
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Hello, my badly neglected blog!

Well, there is only one week until the concert.  The big concert.  The BIG concert.

We have twenty songs to present to the world.  It’s going to be fantastic.  There are costume changes.  Staging.  Lighting.

It’s a real thing.

However, between the dishes, the laundry, the children, I’ve barely practiced, and tonight I felt the crunch.  Oh, did I feel it.  So I practiced a bit on the clarinet, as my dear, dear husband helped out with the baby.

I’m very excited for the concert, but also excited for the pressure of this very large engagement to be over.  It’s a lot of work!

That’s all.  Just wanted to put it out there, on my little blog which no one reads.  That’s kind of nice.  No pressure.  🙂


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  1. Clevelander said,

    You’re in my Google Reader, so at least this one person reads it! I’m so excited for this concert! You guys were great last year at the JFX event! Been looking forward since the first announcement came out.

    • I’m so happy! You may very well be my only reader on this blog. And, if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, do so immediately, as we are almost out!!

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