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Listen to this: Punch Brothers

American bluegrass group, Punch Brothers

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I heard an interview and some music by this group, the Punch Brothers, the other week on NPR.  Here’s an interview with them.  Their eclectic blending of bluegrass instruments and creative musicianship really tickled my fancy.  The song I’m featuring this week, Alex, really captured my heart.  The lead singer reminds me a little bit of Rufus Wainwright, and there’s a certain whimsical feel to this tune.  Enjoy!

This is dedicated to my friend, Alexandra Templer.

Listen to this: Taj Mahal

Posted in recommendations by Rivki Silver on 09/01/2010
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No, not the building.  I was turned on to this blues artist by another blogger, and it is some delicious music.  I’ve been listening, bobbing my head and grooving.  It is all good.